Delivery- and payment conditions

These conditions have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce Midden-Brabant (central Brabant), in the Netherlands, under number: 18086045.

Aim and description

‘ BV’ (hereinafter called “Sneljecenten”) is a private limited company offering self-employed people assistance with their invoicing and/ or management of accounts receivable. “The aim is to enable clients to spend their valuable time as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.” The client supplies its materials and/ or services and Sneljecenten then ensures that those materials and/ or services are converted into an invoice and/ or that the invoices of its clients are then indeed paid, with or without the aid of reminders and demands. This way clients can focus exclusively on their expertise, without having to spend lots of valuable time on the financial settlement of cases and their follow-ups. The available services are offered as much as possible at pre-agreed unit prices per invoice. Clients can use the Sneljecenten app (real-time) in their own online environment to check the current processing stage of an invoice. For example, telephone notes and correspondence can also be viewed in this environment.



  1. Data for invoicing on behalf of the client are sent by e-mail or provided directly via the app. With a first assignment, the client receives a non-recurrent e-mail containing a file that can be completed and returned by email if the app is not used;
  2. The invoice to be drawn up is sent on the Sneljecenten stationery and has an expiry date of 30 days after the invoice date and also states the IBAN along with the name of the client;
  3. If no payment and/ or response follows, the matter proceeds automatically to management of account receivable, as described below.

Management of accounts receivable (debtormanagement): the client uses the app to photograph his or her invoice and sends this photo to Sneljecenten. The (due and payable) invoice is read in and linked to the account of the client:

  1. Sneljecenten then uses its own stationery to send a payment reminder by post and e-mail, with a payment term of 8 days. This is done in accordance with the statutory provisions and of course in a clear and specific way. The reminder clearly states on whose behalf it is sent as well as the IBAN with the name of the client. Where possible, the data used by the purchaser to register with the Chamber of Commerce is automatically verified at this stage. It’s possible to pay directly to the client or to Sneljecenten;
  2. If no payment and/ or response is received, an automatic second payment reminder follows, with a payment term of 2 working days;
  3. If after the second and last term stipulated no payment or response follows, an e-mail is sent to the client asking whether he or she wants to have debt collection measures taken via the debt collection partner of Sneljecenten. It is possible to use the app to issue prior agreement to debt collection measures. As a result, these measures will then be taken immediately, without further consultation or delay.

If something is perhaps incorrect, if you wish to report a complaint or if for example immediate payment is not possible, you are of course welcome to contact Sneljecenten employees by telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp. In such cases, a note is of course made or a message is stored, so that this information can also be found directly within the own online environment and the client will be asked for a response.

Unit prices, costs and payment terms

The (standard) pathways and scenarios to be followed can be extended with additional services.

A price list for indication*:

  • Invoicing: € 7.50 excluding VAT per invoice;
  • Debt management: € 9.99 excluding VAT per invoice;
  • Set up iDeal-account: € 150.00 excluding VAT (one-off);
  • Drafting delivery- and payment conditions: € 300.00 excluding VAT (one-off);
  • Creditreport: € 25.00 excluding VAT per report;
  • Land Registry- and Mortgagereport: € 35.00 excluding VAT.
    (1 cadastral- and 1 mortgage registration)

* Sneljecenten expressly reserves the right to deviate from the above-mentioned (unitary) prices if, in her opinion, there is reason to.

The strength of Sneljecenten lies in a quick and practical processing and execution of the services it offers. This method of processing and execution is the main reason why Sneljecenten is able to offer its services at a low price for each invoice. It is therefore of great importance that clients provide their (invoice) information correctly and completely. Information that is incomplete, not provided in a timely manner and/ or which is incorrect when submitted by a client, as well as situations that result in a delay in the processing and execution of the services due to an act or omission of a client, should therefore be prevented as much as possible. In cases involving advice, activities performed for the (necessary) completion of (invoice) information, as well as when complaints are made and/ or other reasons for non-payment are given that require verification, or in the case of activities performed to obtain clarity and/ or a solid (legal) basis, without claiming that this summary is complete, Sneljecenten applies an hourly rate of € 85,00 exclusive of VAT.

Any costs for internal or external (legal) assistance, litigation, civil-law notary, execution, chamber of commerce, debt recovery information, land registry costs, et cetera, shall be borne by the client, to the extent that these costs have reasonably been incurred and cannot or may not be recovered in any other way.

In addition, Sneljecenten may index its rates and prices, with each first 1st day of a new calendar year, with a percentage equal to the wage index figure of the CBS for the relevant calendar year.


Payments received by Sneljecenten on behalf of a client will be forwarded to the client no later than 10 working days after the value date of receipt. In that context, Sneljecenten expressly reserves the right to set off invoices to the address of the client against the amounts to be paid, irrespective of whether or not those invoices are due and payable at that moment. Payments received directly by the client must be reported to Sneljecenten via the app or by email as soon as possible but no later than 2 working days after receipt, and must include the value date and the payment reference −if available− of the payment. Costs related to processes that could have been avoided through timely reporting of payments and/ or information received directly, shall be paid by the client.


Sneljecenten prepares monthly invoices for its activities and sends these invoices every first day of a new calendar month. If it concerns a weekend and/ or national holiday, invoicing will take place on the next working day. Payment is due from the moment that an assignment is received by Sneljecenten. It is not necessary for all stages and agreed activities to be complete before there is a right of invoicing. Sneljecenten can, for its own reasons, decide to send an invoice for advance payment. Sneljecenten reserves the right to suspend or cease its activities until an advance has been received and/ or if a due and payable invoice is left unpaid by its client. Sneljecenten uses a payment term of 14 days after the invoice date, the expiry date of this term must is to be regarded as a final deadline. In the event of non-payment within the terms as stipulated, Sneljecenten is entitled to charge the statutory interest, in accordance with Book 6, article 119(A) of the Dutch Civil Code, on the debt that has expired. This, in addition to all costs associated with ensuring in and/ or out of court that the debt is paid, at a fixed rate of 15% over the payable claim and with a minimum of € 500.00.

In the event that a client leaves an overdue invoice unpaid, all invoices at the address of the same client and / or entities affiliated with him or her are immediately due, irrespective of their expiration dates. If a client left an overdue invoice unpaid, all invoices sent to the address of the same client and/ or entities affiliated with him or her are immediately due and payable, irrespective of their expiry data. Sneljecenten is permitted to send its payment reminders, exclusively, and thus without a same reminder having to be sent by regular post, to the email address provided by the client. Immediate and full payment shall also be demanded in the event of the insolvency of a client and/ or entities affiliated with him or her and in situations in which Sneljecenten has serious doubts about the correct fulfilment of payment obligations by a client. In this context, attention is also drawn to the article “PAYMENTS”, where it concerns a right of set-off.  


The applicability of these conditions is also stipulated for the benefit of the private limited liability companies that are shareholders and/ or directors of Sneljecenten. Furthermore, the applicability of these terms and conditions is stipulated on behalf of persons working for and/ or on behalf of Sneljecenten, including former employees, to the extent that they are held liable at a time when they are no longer working for and/ or on behalf of Sneljecenten, as well as for of all persons who are involved in the execution of an assignment for and/ or on behalf of Sneljecenten. These terms and conditions are applicable to all agreements between Sneljecenten and its clients. If the client has maintained a (legal) relationship with Sneljecenten other than that of a client in previous matters, the client can never rely on this relationship in a similar way.


Any liability of Sneljecenten is limited to the amount paid out in the case concerned under Sneljecenten’s professional liability insurance. Sneljecenten works entirely in the cloud, digitally and as much as possible paperless.

Incompleteness and delays in follow-ups and the handling of assignments, for example due to a non-functioning internet connection or hardware and software that does not work, without claiming completeness in this summary, can never be blamed on Sneljecenten, or at least, it shall never be held liable in this respect. This also applies generally in situations that are deemed to be “force majeure” and on which Sneljecenten had no direct and/ or reasonable influence. Any engagement of third parties by Sneljecenten shall take place, according to the extent deemed to be reasonably necessary, in consultation with the client. Sneljecenten is not liable for the shortcomings of these third parties. If these third parties wish to limit their liability in relation to the work that they are to perform, Sneljecenten is entitled and unconditionally authorised by its client to accept such a limitation of liability on behalf of the client. It is emphatically noted that Sneljecenten is not responsible for the completeness and/ or correctness of the information provided and/ or the data on which this information/ report is based. Sneljecenten expressly accepts no liability for decisions taken wholly or partly on the basis of information provided by or via her. These decisions are made entirely at own expense and risk.


By issuing an assignment the client agrees to the possible use of third parties in the execution of agreements by Sneljecenten. These general terms and conditions also apply in this situation. If, in the context of the execution of the agreement with the client, it is necessary to provide personal data to these third parties for which purpose the client of Sneljecenten must act as the controller, or if there is a legal obligation and/ or a legitimate interest, Sneljecenten will enter into a separate processing agreement with the third party, unless this is not necessary pursuant to a (statutory) regulation. The client agrees to be included in Sneljecenten’s mailing list, in order to be contacted by email or other medium with, for example, things worth knowing about the sector and (other) important information. Of course the client can be unsubscribed from the list. Privacy-sensitive (case) information will be removed by Sneljecenten as soon as a procedure/ case has been completed/closed for seven calendar years.

Assignments and third parties

Assignments are exclusively carried out for the benefit of the client. Third parties will not be able to derive any rights and/or make claims against Sneljecenten based on (the content of) the work carried out by Sneljecenten. If the content of information, reports, advice provided and/ or made available by Sneljecenten and/ or other data from, and/ or obtained via Sneljecenten and/ or (products of) work it has carried out is supplied or disclosed to third parties by the client, the latter is obliged to point out the applicability of these general terms and conditions and this provision. 

Battle of forms

The delivery and payment conditions of Sneljecenten shall explicitly prevail over the delivery, purchase and payment conditions of a client, irrespective of the stage in which the conditions of Sneljecenten are made known and/ or made available to the client, therefore, also if that stage happens to be after the client has disclosed his/ her own delivery, purchase and/ or payment conditions.

Applicable law and choice of forum

Dutch law exclusively applies to the legal relationship between Sneljecenten and its clients. Disputes between Sneljecenten and its client(s) will exclusively be settled by the competent court of Zeeland-West-Brabant.